Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tuscan Oil

The letter to the editor said
It is useless to work for world peace
under this administration
so I will just work on peace in my own home.
When I spoke to the Buddhist
She told me that she had spent the first day
cleaning up.
After what, I asked.
Just life, she answered in that quiet contained voice
I will never have.
Here and there, restoring some order, so I can go on.
I didn’t even take down my tree, the ornaments from Tibet and Prague.
I cleaned my spice cupboard though, tossing the bag of bulk bay leaves from 2005, and the dried out thyme.
In the back I rediscovered a jar of bourbon molasses mustard from my father’s shelf.
We only complete what is most necessary
the Buddhist instructed me,
learning what the few remaining herbs and Tuscan oil can teach us about
starting over.
Marti Keller
New Years Day 2007